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Lean pipe


is also known as composite pipe, or flexible pipe, is made of high quality steel pipe after surface treatment, with a plastic resin coating welded steel pipe, the outer surface of PE / ABS / ESD plastic layer, the inner surface of the coating of anti-corrosion layer combination. The product has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, abrasion resistance, bright color, rust prevention and pollution - free, and is an ideal substitute for stainless steel products. Standard wire rod material diameter is 27.8 + / - 0.2 mm, pipe wall plastic layer using PE / ABS / ESD plastic, steel pipe wall thickness is 0.7 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, 2.0 mm standard, in addition can also be customized to 0.9 and 1.5 mm thick lean pipe. Appearance color commonly used colors are beige, white, black, ivory, also can make different effects according to different requirements.


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The main tools for lean pipe are cutting tools and fastening tools.
1. file - repair the burrs on the cut material.
2. loose - loop wrench - generally used when assembling casters.
3. hand - held pipe cutter — used when cutting plastic coated pipes in small quantities.
4. steel ruler / steel tape measure - used for measurement.
5. Allen wrench - used to fasten standard parts ( hexagon socket screws for specification )
6. metal hammer and rubber hammer cannot be used - for tapping when used in lean pipe structure of the device.
7, but the cutting quality is poor, grinding wheel cutting machine - similar to the desktop band sawing machine, fracture burr, need to repair.
8. similar to the band saw machine, hand-held steel saw is used when cutting metal raceway and plastic pipe.
9, there is a lot of data need to be cut, the desktop band sawing machine - cutting plastic pipe and metal raceway, can use band sawing machine cutting, high efficiency. Care must be taken to clamp the overmold tube and slideway during cutting to prevent damage to the saw blade. Saw blade cutting fracture is smooth, basically do not need to use the tool to repair burr, cutting efficiency is high.

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1 ), to ensure that the sincerity and sincerity for the OEM production of qualified and high-quality products.
2 ), the problem of OEM should be regarded as their own problems to take seriously.
3 ), now that you want to put the card, just abandon your ideological concerns before, wholeheartedly and cooperation with each other.
4 ), strategic clear, tactical careful.
5 ), treat yourself as the other side of the processing plant to run their own business. Low attitude, high style, high quality!
6 ), don't make small movements. Everybody is a grasshopper on a rope.
7 ), the coexistence of short-term interests, long-term interests sharing!


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Scope of application
Lean pipe is mainly designed with high efficiency, high degree of variability, simple and easy to understand, economy, environmental impact and so on. It is being widely used in the field of industrial manufacturing.
— various types of workbenches or combined into different unit production systems ( lean production methods )
— station equipment ( distribution rack system for production line assembly stations or material input points )
— storage shelves ( traditional multi-layer shelves, medium and light multi-layer first-in-first-out flow-through shelves, shipping skid systems, special application shelves )
- turnover, material vehicles ( general multi-layer material loading vehicles, non-general material distribution, temporary storage vehicles, specially designed mobile devices )
— material racks ( stationary non-general material placement, temporary storage racks )
— commercial applications ( merchandise display stand, personalized display stand, creative display )
— other applications ( whiteboard, slot, item placement, bookshelf, and creative applications )
Practical application


Flexible and changeable features can be freely assembled and molded.
Lean pipe production line
Lean tube workbench
Lean tube table
Lean tube table ( 6 )
Lean tube office furniture
Lean pipe line
Lean tube storage shelf
Lean tube turnover vehicle

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